Systematic Transmission Visual Evaluation


Whether your company chooses to perform power line inspections by climbing, drone, or helicopter, Stve results in a user-friendly history log and dynamic database. This system integrates high resolution images of every component on every structure, providing a complete inventory of all transmission assets. The condition of each component automatically generates maintenance priority codes set forth by the utility's existing criteria. This feature removes subjectivity, promoting consistency. Omadatech's power line inspection software gives clarity so that decisions can be made with confidence.

Stve makes it easy: Solves the challenge of retiring personnel by serving as a knowledge repository, removes subjectivity, promoting consistency of maintenance inspections and repairs, provides a checklist ensuring no portion of the inspection is overlooked, acts as a search query for specific inventory or conditon level information and links each structure to Google Maps for easy geographic workorder bundling.

Summary of Benefits

  • Inspections via climbing, UAS, or helicopter
  • Indentify over 95% of structure defects
  • Consistency in component inspection, analysis, and work order management
  • High-resolution images of every tower and its components
  • Inspect inventoried components at a computer, answering questions precoded by client
  • Produces irrefutable evidence of entire structure's condition