Whether you choose to perform inspections via helicopter, UAS, or bucket truck:

Omadatech software products revolutionize inspections and audits for the utility industry.

Many industries have benefited from technology, but preventive maintenance and equipment monitoring for utility companies has never been improved, until now. Omadatech was born to fulfill this need.

Software versatility offers a range of applications, including:

  • Overhead Transmission
  • Overhead Distribution
  • Substation Inspections
  • Underground Manhole and Vault Inspections
  • Safety and Compliance Audits
  • Bridge Inspections

Regardless of the structure to be inspected, Omadatech software is fully customizable to include unique specifications, inventory types, safety criteria, and defect ratings, all resulting in a user-friendly database, containing irrefutable evidence of your assets. Omadatech inspection software is changing the face of today's asset management. Additional features include easy filtration, allowing key personnel to create lists of desired identifying features within seconds, and the ability to view every component on your entire system at any time from the safety and comfort of your desk.

Omadatech data collection methods reduce traditional inspection costs significantly, often up to 80%. In addition, you will benefit from guaranteed price points when working with Omadatech designated, accredited partners. These partner companies include everything from helicopter companies and pilots, UAS pilots and equipment, professional photographers, photo editors, quality control technologies, hardware specialists, and database administrators. These companies proudly hold Omadatech certification, providing clients the option of confidently entering into business agreements with vendors with proven expertise in the installation and service of the company's products.

The Vision of Tomorrow with Technology:

  • Creating a dynamic database: As repairs are completed, information is updated, maintaining current information.
  • Functions as institutional memory: solving challenge of retiring personnel
  • Fosters seamless consistency when merging companies with uniquely designed facilities, operating practices, and diverse environmental conditions
  • Facilitates ease in complying with ever changing OSHA, NERC, FERC and state regulations
  • Enables responsible team members to cross reference data with work management systems
  • Reduces costly resources during inspection practices
  • Increases defect finding rates from less than half to over 95%