Control Costs


Omadatech's inspection software methodology helps eliminate wasted resources while providing more information.

Reduce expensive flight time

Identify potential problems using the new technology without expensive surveys.

System­ generated reports indicating prioritized repair needs eliminates time wasted sorting through paper.

Repair and maintenance efficiency promoted, with truck­deployed linemen informed of the nature of a defect before leaving for a job site, reducing labor and equipment costs.

Utilities benefit from an improved, effective Asset Management Plan that encourages the optimization of available resources by:

Reducing outages

Providing irrefutable evidence of a structure's condition

Providing consistent ratings for defective components simplifies maintenance decision making.

Encouraging proactive asset maintenance due to customized prioritization of repair or maintenance needs

Correlating condition ratings to remaining life, capacity, or other performance-related characteristics reduces maintenance labor and supply costs.

Wheeling Rates can increase due to improved reliability and record keeping.