Various Inspection Methods

inspection methods EPRI

The effectiveness of the inspections was found to be directly related to:

Availability and use of inspection tools

Data recording and reporting system utilized

Experience and training of inspectors

Time allocated to perform inspection

Utility philosophy on maintenance inspections

Utility responsiveness to inspection findings

EPRI identified inexpensive, easily implemented ways, which would improve line inspection results.

Substantially more defects could be identified by:

Taking more time at each structure

Using well designed media for recording observations

Utilizing well planned, systematic, orderly processes

Viewing structures from more vantage points or angles

Omadatech's Systematic Transmission Visual Evaluation (Stve) software incorporates these EPRI findings.

This revolutionary inspection methodology results in:

The identification of over 95% of defects

A complete inventory of all Transmission Assets and the condition of each component

The inspection of multiple points on each transmission structure

The organization and processing of high-resolution images, each associated with an appropriate series of inspection questions

A dynamic database including high-resolution images of every component on every structure regardless of condition, corresponding to the priority maintenance codes set by the utility's existing criteria