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power line inspection software power line inspection software

Software for Utility Asset Inspection

Produces a complete inventory of all utility assets and the condition of each component.

Provides a recommended, customizable, inspection template.

Allows the inspection of multiple points on each structure.

Guides the inspector through a series of predetermined questions regarding component type and condition.

Organizes and processes high resolution images, automatically associating each image to the appropriate series of questions.

Notifies the inspector of any questions missed during the process.

Provides a search query for specific inventory or condition level information.

Links each strucutre directly to Google Maps.

Provides a comment section for updating records as repairs and changes are made.

Automatically links predetermined maintenance priority codes to each observation made by inspector.

Results in a user-friendly, dynamic database that includes high resolution images of every component on every structure regardless of condition, a complete inventory of all assets, and the condition of each component with the corresponding maintenance priority codes set forth by the utilities' existing criteria.