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Improve Your Asset Management System

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Asset Management Systems

Omadatech inspection software products support the implementation of simple and effective Asset Management Programs.

Flexibility and versatility of products are easily adaptable to ANY structures or components requiring inspection.

Challenges faced due to aging infrastructures with a variety of components and systems can be reduced.

Recognizing utility’s assets as an interrelated system reduces time and costs spent on “today’s” problems, shifting the focus to an asset’s “future”.

The interrelationship between a quality inspection and effective assessment data is key when determining what, where, and when maintenance is needed.

Accurate determinations reduce or eliminate wasted resources.

These decisions are nearly impossible, and rarely accurate, without the information Omadatech software products deliver.

Asset Tracking

Accurate Asset Tracking requires the comprehensive inventorying of components plus a detailed, professional evaluation of condition.

Omadatech inspection systems identify 95%+ of all asset defects.

Accurate Asset Tracking includes the storage, processing, analyzing, and reporting of the information necessary to manage structures prospectively.

Search and filter features easily identify valuable information, including an asset's geographical location or the degradation and failure of high­ risk components.

Easily apply cost to each asset and track against budget, improving budget forecasting vs. estimated costs while permitting comparisons of component integrity.

Accurate determinations reduce or eliminate wasted resources.

A dynamic Asset Tracking System can easily feed into an equally dynamic:

Work Management System

Create and allow computerized tracking of work orders and work bundling to better manage time, costs, labor, and equipment.

System generated, consistent reports geared to engineers or management simplify multiple work processes.

Using a strategic planning tool correlates information to the appropriate time, costs, labor, and equipment, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

Post­-inspection, asset managers have at their disposal high­ resolution images and a repository of knowledge housing irrefutable evidence of every structure's condition.

Post­-repair, updating a structure's status on­line keeps the database current.

Accurate determinations reduce or eliminate wasted resources.

Omadatech's software products can also be custom­ designed to integrate with a company's current work order programs or legacy systems.